Friday, April 27, 2007

All I wanna do...

Is start new projects! And, I'm pretty sure this falls under the obsession theme...I want to start working on them and have them done. NOW!

Project obsession: A felted bag. Not just any, although the cute ruffly ones are fun. But I want a big kahuna of a bag I can put my knitting stuff into, natch. Like this KnitPicks Farmer's Market Tote with Needle Felting (gosh, have to learn both felting AND needle-felting) or the Oregon tote (love the orange version). I'd probably better start with something smaller, but I really want a great big bag! I ordered some brown, blue, and cinnamony wool from KnitPicks for one of these. And while I wait, I used leftover yarn from my wool scarves to knit up a little square that could maybe be a coaster after felting. We'll see. I have yet to get it into the washer, even though I knit it up on Wednesday.

Project requests: Max wants me to knit him a sweater now. He wants to knit one for himself too. His fingers aren't quite coordinated enough yet to knit though (we tried a bit, with me holding his hands in position) and he certainly doesn't have the ability to stick to a project yet, so I think that'll wait a few years, eh? I'd better find something cute to make for him.

Projects waiting: Also, I got my 24 balls of Debblie Bliss Alpaca Silk in Berry, and now they're sitting, waiting for Jo Jo to complete, and probably for a felted bag too, because it's not the right season for a cable cardigan now.

Other ideas:

  • Maybe I should just sew up some little ice packs like my friend Kris had - just little squares of fabric with dried corn or beans in them - throw them in the freezer to have on hand for bumps & bruises - cold, but soft and not too bumpy.
  • Or how about a needle case for all of my needles? There's a ton of fun patterns, like this one.
  • Or I could get busy and finish up my circle quilt. It's the right time to work with pink and orange fabrics again. Just wish I could find some lightweight blue ticking fabric for the back. It won't be right unless I have that.

I guess that's how you collect a stash (or stashes!), because when I am I going to get to all of this? I still haven't finished Jo Jo, even though I'm getting much closer. Almost at the armholes for the back. Sigh.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Five obsessions: Tag, I'm it

obsession: 1. Compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or an unwanted feeling or emotion, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety. 2. A compulsive, often unreasonable idea or emotion. 3. A perfume by Calvin Klein.

Lucy Van Pelt tagged me with this meme. My first meme - I feel so bloggerly! So, in alpha order...

  1. Family and Friends' Blogs...Must check Annzy and Lucy almost daily, just in case I missed a post or picture, and Penny too. Oh, and wander through their friends' - hi Erin & Kara, you don't know me, but I love your knits, you're inspiring! Seriously (see TV on DVD :-).
  2. Knitting...Who knew it was so satisfying to go click click click click click click click click...oh, sorry. Anyway, I'm just loving sticking some needles in yarn and making somthing fun or pretty, or just a cool color or texture. Like cables. I just love working cables. Trying hard not to start too many projects or spend too much for a newbie. Now, can someone please explain why didn't this craft stick for me the first three times I tried it??? Must be the knitting blogs that made the difference. Wonder when I'll find time to finish my circle quilt? Too much work to set up the machine, so I'll just click click click click. Of course, now we know why exercise isn't on my obsession list - can't knit on a treadmill!
  3. Knitting Blogs and Web Sites...By the time I've read Annzy and Lucy and Penny and gone over to Erin and Kara's, I'm off to checking Grumperina and Eunny and then there's projects to look up on and, and oh, what about that one that someone linked to, and ooh, that one's cool, I should look for more, and I wonder if I can get that yarn in a different color or for less over there, and ... HEY! Where did my evening go?
  4. TV on DVD...In the last 12 months, I'm ashamed to say that I've worked my way through Grey's Anatomy season 1 and 2 (thanks Ann!) Veronica Mars seasons 1 and 2, MI-5 seasons 3 and 4, Monarch of the Glen seasons 1-5, and I'm on the lookout for more! Man, I love watching one show after the other, after the other, well, you get the picture. It goes very well with my knitting problem above. I used to rent movies, but lately the 1-hr block of a TV drama really works better for my schedule ;-). See below...
  5. TV on DVR...I really shouldn't disclose, but honestly, my week just doesn't feel complete without viewing NEW episodes of Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars (will it ever come back?), Grey's Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, Ugly Betty, Lost, and probably any other one-hour drama that's got lots of stuff about relationships and isn't too violent ;-). Program the DVR, wait for my chance to sit for 42 minutes of uninterrupted knitting time, and catch up on my shows. I feel like some shut-in who can't get by without her "stories".

Sigh. Well, there you go. My current obsession list and first meme. Too bad I have no one to tag. Back to you Lucy...

Monday, April 9, 2007

Progress on Jo Jo, and it's Mr. Bunny!

It's amazing what a 4.5 hour drive will do for your knitting. Jo Jo's almost half a top now. I got bored working on the straps, so I've postponed finishing the front in favor of starting the back. Maybe I can do all four at the same time and have them come out the same length. Who knows?

In other news, Max had a swell time dyeing Easter eggs. He insisted on playing Easter bunny and hiding them in the living room for Colin and I to find. Here's the bunny prep time...

Are you ready? Yep, all set!

Of course, then he came down with croup that night and couldn't do the actual Easter egg hunt at the neighborhood park on Sunday. Good thing he jumped the gun and hosted his own mini-hunt on Saturday.