Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sleep (lack of) and Trips (not taken)

Current effort making sleep difficult: get Max into his own bed all night long.
  • Last week - awful! Not much sleep for me or Max most of the week. Cranky mom, cranky kid.
  • Weekend - not bad! Escape valve of "okay to come in Saturday nights" seemed to help a lot.
  • This week - much better. Two nights of staying in his bed (Monday, continuously, Tuesday, just one break for a snuggle). Too bad I'm now trained to wake up at 2 & 4 am every night. So now it's my sleep schedule that is the problem!

Trips that aren't getting taken:

  • Considered a quick trip to Leavenworth for this weekend, looking for snow. Couldn't find an appropriate room, decided it was too much hassle anyway. Holding out for a drive to Snoqualmie on Saturday to see snow. Maybe it'll happen.
  • Considered a spring break trip to Orlando - mostly so Max could see Kennedy Space Center. Thought, heck, why not see Disney World. Priced some packages, got extreme sticker shock, read the Unofficial Guide, decided it was a big hassle too! Scratch that vacation.

Other news:

  • Observation: shouldn't tease others about blog breaks - it causes them on your own blog.
  • New on the needles: Gathered Pullover in Knit Picks Telemark Colonial Blue. Getting gauge, but it seems too big. Hmm. Need to measure again.