Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Um, March?

You were a little busy. I like you and all, but that was a bit much, ok? Let's try & be calmer next year. There are a few things I'd keep:
  • Great weekend downtown with just Colin & me. Thanks Noelle & Patrick for keeping Max happy & entertained - no way to repay that service!
  • Fun with family - good to see and hang out with nearly the whole Boise contingent.
  • Dinner and play with friends - always fun to hang with the Sather's.
  • Time spent sewing up a cushion for the entry bench.

But next year, let's skip:

  • MRI for extra-cautious doctors.
  • Conferences and firedrills at work.
  • 13 kids under 7 at the house.
  • Layoff, cutback, and random economic news stress - gotta stop paying attention!