Friday, May 16, 2008

Volunteering - too much or just enough?

This year I've been serving as a room representative for Max's class on the Parent Action Committee for school (like the PTA). About 5 meetings over the year, mid-morning, plus coordinating lots of stuff for the class (auction project, Art Festival booth, signups for random stuff), and "generating excitement for events". It's been fun, and I'm glad it's not for an older class where I'd also have to deal with coordinating carpools for swim classes and field trips. Phew!

Next year, however, I'm biting off a bit more. Let's hope I can chew it. I'm going to be the PAC Secretary, which means taking notes for the monthly meetings with the PAC and the Room Rep meetings, plus other tasks. So, probably quite a bit more work. As one nominating committee member noted, however, it's a great free pass on other volunteering at the school. Gee, sorry, wish I could help, but I'm on the PAC. AKA - the auction project won't be on me next year! ;-)

Mom thinks I'm crazy to sign up, when the meetings happen during work hours, but hey, work's supportive (and they even match my volunteer hours with cash money for the school), and Colin's on board, so why not.

So, what do you think? Most of you have church stuff, work stuff, kid stuff, school stuff, hobby stuff - how much is just enough for you?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Overdue: Strolling for the Cure

Got the wacky idea to drive over to Spokane for the weekend a couple of weeks back to support Lisa by joining in the Race for the Cure. Her girls and Max came along and we did the mile walk, very very slowly (meandering kids'll do that). Here we are pre-race. Twas nice & chilly, with little flakes coming down now and then.

And here's the whole gang.

Boy, don't we look energetic. I'd meant to bring the jog stroller for Max, but sadly, left it in our garage at home. That doesn't help! So he had to hoof it most of the way and settle for intermittent piggy back rides.

Max and Maddie were impressed by the snacks at the end of the course. The yogurt, muffins, juice, and granola bars almost made up for the walking part.

It was great seeing Nana, Lisa, Van, and all the kids. Max had a swell time with cousins and Nana and wanted to come back the very next weekend.

You've already seen Colin and Lucy's posts on the other stuff we're doing around the house. Max participated in his T-Ball practice, but was still unwilling to play when it was game time. This might take all season.