Sunday, October 17, 2010

What'd we do this summer?

You really want to know? Well, we...

Played on the big field at the End of Year Celebration:

Built some stuff downstairs:

Made and ate lots of yummy food like focaccia:

And veggie lasagna (okay, only I ate this):

Enjoyed the sights during a visit from Grammy and Pops:

Went to Boise and neglected to take any pictures...

Toasted marshmallows in the backyard on my birthday present:

Got all mossy:

Dried some fruits & veggies with our new dehydrator:

Visited with Nana:

Hung out with the cousins at Silverwood, again neglecting to take many pictures, just a couple:

And then went back to school. (The day got better :-)

Plus more cooking, a little knitting, a little quilting, lots of driving, many camps, and a whole bunch 'o work somewhere in there.