Monday, November 17, 2008

Veggie kid?

Max tells us that he doesn't want to eat "dead animals" anymore and wants to be a vegetarian. He's pretty earnest about it (although tonight when the veggie eggrolls were yucky and he knew that the chicken ones he had last week were yummy, he became practical rather than principled, and chowed the chicken ones). So, um, now what? I was always thinking "well, at least he's getting enough protein, even if he doesn't eat his veggies", but now what? He's snubbing all dinner ideas beyond ramen & spaghetti - hardly balanced & complete meals. He's not a tofu fan... Aside from his already-favorite and already-veggie corn dogs from MorningStar farms, what do I feed this kid beyond PB&J?

Any ideas?
Think it'll last?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Early November highlights

I seem to be on a semi-monthly schedule with these. Ah well, highlights of late...
  • Forgot to call Lisa on her birthday (lowlight, bad sis). Remembered the day after! Always good to chat.
  • Parent association meeting last week, plus got to participate or view videos of interviews with possible new heads of school for next year. Really fun to have some say in that process.
  • A happier election day than I've had in years. Yay! Yes, we did!
  • Bookclub last weekend. Fun to see the gang. Embarrassed that not only did we not finish the book (pretty much a first), we didn't even get a copy to start on. Sigh. Bad bookclubbers! Dinner (fajitas) was fun though. Maybe it's really a supper club, not a bookclub :-).
  • Got my nightguard fixed at the dentists' office. Okay, it sounds REALLY lame, but hey, it's just nice to grind away all night again without waking up with sort teeth.
  • Dessert out with my VTs. They're nice gals, not pushy, and we chatted and chatted about the kidlets and schools.
  • Last night's 10-year anniversary party (10 years at MSFT) at EMP with 2000 of my closest friends (not, and by the way, a pile o' Microsofties all going from Redmond to someplace at the same time makes for lousy traffic). Food was pretty yummy, and it was fun exploring the "Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum". Plus, the Presidents of the United States of America played, which was fun. Sorta lost on me as I really only know "Peaches" but it was fun just thinking that it'd make Jason jealous (hi Jason). Colin and I liked the SciFi museum and thought that Max would LOOOOOOVE it given the amazing assortment of phasers, rockets, spaceships, and robots they have on display. Max & Abbey went today :-). Oh, and Mom, I was wrong, no classical at EMP, just rock & roll Seattle-based music scene. Noelle & Patrick were kind enough to babysit, and Max had a swell time with them. Thanks guys!
  • Looking forward to DOCS this weekend. Maybe I'll finally finish a sleeve!

Monday, November 3, 2008


A little pictorial tour of our Halloween weekend.

Wednesday: Boy, carving pumpkins is hard work!

Friday: Trick or Treat at Mom's work - with Abbey in the lobby.

Ready for real trick or treating in the neighborhood. He decided on Wednesday that instead of being a police man, he really needed to be an Airplane Director. So, I whipped up a safety vest (complete with reflector tape) on Thursday, and Colin made red cones for some blue flashlights and dug out some cordless headphones for ear protection. Pretty cute, if we do say so ourselves, and very original. Not as original as the blueberry, but hey - it was recognizable this year - the flashlights were the real key to the costume.

Neighbor Paul's huge pumpkin - he grew it himself! And he gave Max a cool pumpkin too (see above).

All the kids assembled for neighborhood trick or treating. We have a Chinese Princess, the Airplane Directory, R2D2, Luke in a flight suit, and Spiderman!

Friday night: enjoying the haul.

Saturday: Halloween Party with some pals (not all pictured): in addition to R2D2 and Luke (out of uniform), we have the mushroom, the Hulk, and a Fairy.

Sunday: Jammies all day, and playing with his favorite pumpkin named "Enterprise". Whew, that was a busy Halloween!